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What Google Products Do You Use?

Most of us use Google for searching on the internet. In fact Google has become part of the vocabulary of many of us. How many of the other products that Google offers do you use – or are you aware of? Some of the products you may have heard of, but do not really understand what you can do with them. You may find that some of the products can really help promote your business. So what products are there in Google?Search Engine Optimisation Products We all use Google Search, but do you know how this works? Which of the following products do you use to ensure that your website is featured in Google Search results: Google Keywords (a tool to find appropriate keywords to use in your sites), Google AdWords (display ads relating to keywords, cost is dependent upon keywords chosen), Google Ad Manager (allows you to link the ads displayed to the amount of stock that you have available), Google AdSense (allows you to display ads on your website to generate income), Google Analytics (displays statistics about the visitors to your website), Google Website Optimizer (use with Google Analytics to test different versions of your website and which brought in the most visitors) and Google Alerts (Find out when people are searching for your keywords – or for information about you).Products to Improve Your Internet FootprintIf you create a bigger internet footprint, your brand, influence and reputation will reach more people. Your website, your social media input and blogs all go to increase the size of your footprint. Not surprisingly Google also has a number of products to help including: Google Profile, Google Local and Google Maps.Communication Products The latest development from Google is Google Wave. Wave is described as a real time communication platform. You can bring a group of colleagues together to have a real time discussion, share files using drag and drop or use other wave applications. Parts of a Wave can be played back or embedded on your website. Google Wave will probably superseded business use of Google Groups which is an online public forum facility. Blogger is a tool that allows you to write your blog or online diary. In the US, Google Voice includes voicemail, custom greetings, one single number that rings all phones, conference callsOffice Products Google has a number of products to make it easier for us to do our day to day work. Google Mail is a popular, free webmail which store emails by conversation. Google mail is reported to have good spam filtering facilities and is particularly good for mobile access. Google Calendar is an online diary or time management system that allows you to share your diary with others. Google Documents is a free web based word processor, spreadsheet and presentation applications that allow online creation of documents and collaboration in real time. Picasa is a great free photo editing and photo sharing tool created by Google.Products to help on the Internet (other than searching)Google’s own browser product, Google Chrome is advertised as a secure, fast and stable alternative to Internet Explorer and Firefox. It is considered to be the third most popular browser (4.4% of usage share). igoogle ( a homepage where you can display your Google products in one place) can be used on any browser as can Google Reader (see all the news information feeds that you have subscribed to in one place).Other ProductsOther products that are worth exploring include Google Checkout (an online payment processing service similar to PayPal, but not available on eBay) and Google Site Search which allows you to add a Site Search to your website (for a fee). Google Base (an online database, can be used to find products for sale). There are also a number of Google Applications which are being developed all the time by third parties. No doubt, Google will produce new and better products during 2010…. Watch this space!